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Nashville, TN 37214

What are people saying about the Floyd Sole Stomp Box?


The Floyd Sole Stomp Box is an elegant piece of artwork that functions as a bass percussion instrument with big, round, earthy bass tones. I love the wood finish ands it looks right at home in my music space! It’s also the rave of all my musical friends that come by! 

In a live setting, it blends with acoustic instruments phenomenally and adds a fun driving beat that makes anyone want to dance! 

String players, solo and small ensemble artists are going to love the Floyd Sole Stomp Box.

This is the instrument to have for any group wanting to add a percussive flare to their acoustic set.

It’s one of a kind!

Johnson City, Tennessee

Jody Smith


"Yes!!! This box is awesome!!! The sound really is like a bass drum. It definitely enhances on stage performances and it also adds the missing dynamic to worship leading without a drummer. And it’s just fun to play!"

Lebanon, Tennessee

Liza Bates


"Ingenious solution for hands free rhythm. I love good ideas and this is a great one!"

Johnson City, Tennessee

Vicki Shell


"Great option for creating percussion during a live performance. Ideal for music ministers, soloists, singer/songwriter artists, and other individuals or groups without drums or other percussion instruments. Unique researched and custom designed portable unit connects to sound systems for exact sound control. Highly recommended!"

Johnson City, Tennessee

Michael Stover


I love the Box and my church family loves it, too. I think they like it better than the drum set. (I am using it for Sunday morning worship because we are without a drummer right now.) I have gotten so many positive comments about it. 
One extra perk is that it makes me taller. They can see me over the pulpit. Lol.
Thank you for developing the Floyd Sole Stomp Box. I pray it brings success to you and that God uses it in an amazing way. He already is at Pleasant Hill Baptist, DeRidder.

DeRidder, Louisiana

Susan Wilson


"It is amazing how much bass sound is produced by the Sole Stomp. I LOVE mine! Any amateur or professional guitar player must own this quality built instrument."

Nashville, Tennessee

Kevin Hale


"We’ve been performing with the Sole Stomp stomp box for a while and have come to rely on it as a part of our sound. It has a warm, deep, rich timbre that rounds everything out and gives us a complete, polished sound. It’s a beautiful instrument, too, and audiences love it!"

Kingsport, Tennessee

Sarah Beth Lovell


"I was blown away the first time I heard this used by a musical group named Fly Faith. It sounded like they had a drum, and drew the crowd into the rhythm of the music immediately. LOVED it."

Nashville, Tennessee

Synthia Cathcart