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A couple of years ago our band's rhythm guitar player was at a concert where a couple of players on stage stomped out a rhythm on a wooden board for one of their songs. She promptly decided we should find out what it was and try to add it to our live performance. Our three-piece acoustic band generally does not travel with a drummer, so this seemed like a great idea to add a bit of percussion to our sound.

After much research, we acquired a small, wooden, wedge-shaped stomp box and attempted to incorporate it into our performance. It seemed like a great idea, but as we stand for our performances, the position of the foot required to consistently elicit the "stomp" was uncomfortable; and, even though we ran it through an EQ box, the sound was not consistent and definitely not the rich sound of a kick drum we were after. So, it was back to the web for more research, specifically searching for a box a player could stand on and tap/stomp a rhythm while playing. We did find one option outside of the US that we quickly determined was beyond our budget and a bit more complicated to use than what we were looking for.

We had a number of shows booked for the summer and I thought it might be fun to try to make a box out of scrap material and electronics my dad had around his workshop. As our rhythm guitar player's birthday was coming up, I decided to surprise her with her very own stomp box. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and read tons of audio-electronic forums to find something that might work. Success! The finished box was about sixteen and a half inches square and was similarly patterned after the numerous stomp box videos I had watched. Our guitar player was thrilled! We used it for a few shows with the EQ box we had purchased for the wedge. It was a fun and novel addition to our performance.  End of story... or so I thought.

Not long after, the drummer for our church's worship band stopped me after service one Sunday morning. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he said he thought I needed to pray about something. I was a bit taken aback as we were only casual acquaintances. He said, "I think you need to pray about building your box as a business." I had not mentioned the box to anyone, but evidently our guitar player who also played on the worship team had. My response was a nonchalant: "Are you serious?" He was very serious and as a long-time drummer for many artists around Nashville, he thought it could be a great option for singer-songwriters and small bands who do not generally travel with a drummer. 

The crazy thing was that I had submitted my application for early retirement from my job as an inventory analyst and had been praying earnestly for God's leadership and provision for what to do to bridge the gap until I was eligible to draw retirement in the future. This was the answer I had prayed for!

I immediately went to work designing a box that would be of substantial size and stability for players of all sizes. My dear friend, Kevin, who has been like a brother to me, helped me build a simple box to my specifications. Then it was, "Okay, Lord. I have a box. What do I do now?" I knew nothing about the acoustical elements required for such an undertaking and while heading back to the web for research, I again prayed for God's leadership. First, I prayed that if I was totally off-base in this pursuit that He would close all doors and put up insurmountable walls to prevent my success. However, if it was His plan, I prayed He would send people my way to help fulfill it. No one in my contacts had the knowledge base for what this project would require.

Two days passed and I was at worship band rehearsal chatting with my drummer friend about the project when a new pastor on our church staff overheard our conversation. He indicated I needed to meet his father-in-law. (I live in Nashville. Everyone always knows someone you need to meet. HA! HA!) Chuckling, I said, "Okay." He said, "No, really! He is a retired professor of acoustic physics and lives literally 10 minutes from you." WOW!!

"Alright, Lord! I'm listening!" 

The road to launch has been paved with God's inspiration, leadership, and provision of ideas and people coming across my path at just the right moment to address each component of this project. It has at times been overwhelming from a human perspective, but God has been faithful in His timely provision of everything needed to bring it to fruition. I hope to detail some of the amazing experiences in future blogs on the website, so check back for updates.

This is God's project and it is...​

All for HIS Glory!

Cynthia Floyd

Key Features
  • Patent pending design

  • Designed to closely match the low frequency sound of an actual bass drum

  • Allows the musician to comfortably stand with both feet on the device in a natural performance position, and while tapping/stomping with one foot, eliminate the natural dampening of the stationary foot that remains planted on the top of the device.

  • Offers a sizeable and stable platform designed to allow the musician to stand and move comfortably on the device in accordance with their normal live performance

  • Configured to allow for the musician’s natural and normal rhythmical action of either or both feet without undue strain, enabling the device to be played for long periods of time.

  • Simple design

  • Easily transportable

  • Easily implemented into the venue set-up to provide a high quality, non-prerecorded bass drum sound into a musician’s live performance.

  • Plug in via instrument cable to an amp, sound board or speaker.