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- standing or sitting performance functionality

- matches low-frequency sound of bass drum


- comfortably stand or sit with both feet on the device


- move in accordance with normal live performance


 - heel stomp vs. toe-tap sound differentiation

- natural rhythmical action of both feet without strain


- can be played for long periods of time


- simple design


- easily transportable


- easily implement at venue with plug and play feature


- uses instrument cable to an amp, soundboard or speaker


- patented design


  • How is the Floyd Sole Stomp Box designed?
    The Floyd Sole Stomp Box features a sizeable and stable platform (23” x 23”) allowing the musician to comfortably stand with both feet on the device in a natural performance position in accordance with their normal live performance style. The design allows for the wood's natural acoustic resonance along with the frequency response of the air within the box chamber to closely match the low frequency sound of an actual kick drum. The top is made from Baltic Birch and the frame is fashioned from 3/4” premium hardwood. Rubber feet keep the box in place on the stage. The Floyd Sole Stomp is designed with a balanced output signal and can be plugged into a bass amp, soundboard or external speaker via the 1/4” jack (The dual output model offers an XLR output in addition to the 1/4” output.)
  • Who can use a Floyd Sole Stomp Box?
    The Floyd Sole Stomp Box is designed for any musician or performer wishing to add a rhythmic percussion sound to their production. Solo artists Singer-songwriters Small bands/ensembles Worship leaders Dancers Music teachers
  • Where can I get a Floyd Sole Stomp
    The Floyd Stomp Box can only be purchased through our website. Each Stomp Box is handmade and delivered to you on order. Visit our store for ordering information.
  • What's the benefit of the dual output?
    The dual output gives you the standard ¼” jack for an instrument cable as well as an XLR jack for a mic cable. No need for a DI box. Gives you the capability to simultaneously run an instrument cable to a stage monitor, amp or speaker and a mic cable to the board. Bigger signal from the XLR output. The dynamic pick-up in the Sole Stomp gives a balanced signal. Since a mic cable is a balanced cable, the signal to the board from the XLR jack is a more powerful signal.
  • Why is there a slit down the middle on the top of the Sole Stomp?
    Boosts resonance of the top of the box. Decreases dampening by the stationary foot.
  • What’s the point of using a pad/towel on the box?
    It is a matter of personal preference of the sound you desire from the Sole Stomp. Hard sole shoes will produce more of a tapping sound and the pad allows you to get the rich deep tone of a kick drum regardless of the type of shoe you are wearing.
  • What’s the difference between a dynamic pick up and a surface transducer?
    A surface transducer or piezo pick-up only transmits the tap on the surface. The dynamic pick-up in the Sole Stomp receives the tap on the surface but also responds to the air frequency in the box chamber to produce the rich tones.
  • Can you custom make a smaller or larger box?
    Our efforts have been focused on creating a box that allows a musician to stand in a normal performance position and produce a self-accompanied percussion groove. However, we are always willing to entertain a request.
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