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Blown away!

Our first trade show is in the books and what a great weekend it was!

All the preparation was so worth it. The Floyd Sole Stomp Box created quite a buzz and it was fun to have people try it out.

One of our visitors sat down and spent about 30 - 40 minutes playing and stomping out some great blues tunes and grooves. He was an amazing guitarist!

It was sweet to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones who are walking a similar path of handcrafting musical instruments.

My special thanks to Liza Bates, my dear friend and instigator of this idea, for spending the weekend demonstrating the Box. Her engaging smile and sweet spirit were the highlight of the show. :)

God is at work and continues to blow me away with His plan! There are exciting days ahead, so stay tuned for updates. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

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